Our Classes


Karate Kids Program (6-11 Years)

Self discipline, respect, and concentration are all focused upon while learning personal self defense techniques and traditional forms. Kids develop confidence and gain self esteem while improving physical fitness and personal awareness in a structured environment.

‘Tweens/Teens Program (12-15 Years) & Adult Program(16+)

Challenge yourself mentally and become fit physically while you develop the confidence learning how to defend yourself in age specific classes.  Proven to relieve stress and enable better anger management while improving your coordination, flexibility, strength and developing life long defense skills.   The teen program is the same as the adult program but is taught in their own age specific classes.

Sparring Classes ~ Karate Kids, Teens & Adults

Offered to students, orange belt and above, adding dimension to your martial arts ability. While not mandatory, but optional, to improve your timing through spontaneous conditions in a controlled environment. Protective gear is required.