Mike Squatrito

Mr. Mike is a true second generation, SGM Ed Parker student and currently a 5th degree black belt, Associate Professor.  He has proudly stepped up and is training with 10th degree, Mr. Joe Palanzo of the Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association in Baltimore, MD.   Mr. Mike’s former instructor, Mr. Wedlake also received training from Mr. Palanzo, who remains undisputedly one of the true seniors in our art of EPAK, receiving all of his promotions through 7th Degree directly from SGM, Parker.  Mr. Mike began his training at LWKS which continued for over 12 years ultimately becoming the lead instructor for seven years.  Participating in numerous Kenpo demonstrations throughout the southwest Florida area and assisting in many of the women’s self defense seminars held at the studio.  Mr. Mike was instrumental in the development of and featured in books Kenpo 101, Kenpo 301, Kenpo 501 and Kenpo 601. He has traveled throughout the United States and Europe for many seminars and competitions. Of his personal accomplishments he holds an honor that a very limited number of martial arts competitors hold. In 2000, he competed and won the European Internationals taking first place in both forms and sparring.   Most recently earned second in his self-defense division at the 2011 ISKA US Open World Championships held in Orlando. In 2010, appearing on ESPN, as a semi-finalist on stage in the prestigious US Open’s Night of Champions earning a trophy in his self-defense division. As an instructor, is proud to have coached his students on to achieve some of their best accomplishments.  Since the opening of GCKK in 2007, his students have competed and won some very prestigious titles locally, regionally and nationally.   In 2010, coaching his student to win the state and national title in point sparring.  Also the same year, taking 5 students to the ISKA US Open who brought home 11 trophies of which 5 were first place wins in self-defense, point and continuous sparring.   In 2011, coached his students to their wins at the Gator Nationals & ISKA US Open bringing home a combined 10 trophies of which were first place wins in point sparring & self-defense, respectively.  He has created winning self-defense routines as well as choreographing GCKK’s first synch team which proudly won third place at the Open competing on stage against world class competitors such as team Paul Mitchell. Mr. Mike is not only an instructor, but is a perpetual martial arts student himself, currently proudly continuing his education with Mr. Joe Palanzo. He has also expanded his martial arts training beyond Kenpo into the Filipino martial arts, and holds a Level One Certification in Inayan Eskrima training with Guru Kevin Coykendall. You will find Mr. Mike featured in the recently published book, Kenpo Continuum-Historical Studies of the Kenpo Community in America and Throughout the World. Mr. Mike most recent projects are the creation of DVDs of our Kenpo Basics & Basic Forms. These DVDs are not instructional in nature, but gives a visual aid to students in their at home practice and offers a refresher for more advanced students.  These DVDs can be purchased through our studio. Please call 239-573-0005 for details. Mr. Mike was born and raised in Massachusetts before coming to the southwest Florida area. He has been a resident in Lee County for over 20 years. Outside of Kenpo he is a cyclist and enjoys boating. He and his wife, Renee reside in Cape Coral, FL.

Renee Squatrito

Ms. Renee is also a second generation Senior Grand Master Ed Parker student and is a 3rd degree black, instructor.  She began martial arts training in 2001 at the former LWKS in Fort Myers and is continuing on with her training. She is currently a proud student of Mr. Mike Squatrito. Originally started kenpo karate with her children through the home schooling community. Successfully home schooled both her daughter and son to the high school and middle school levels, respectively. Experiencing and realizing first hand the positive affects martial arts brings to children. Building and forming positive development and good habits offers a lifetime of benefits. Ms. Renee instructs our youngest martial artists in our Little Dragons program. Beyond kenpo enjoys cycling, boating and yoga. Originally from Dover, Delaware was raised and has lived in Florida since childhood.  She resides in Cape Coral with her husband, Mike.

Ms. Shelly

Ms. Shelly began studying kenpo with us in 2008. She is a first degree black belt in our adult class. She has been a member of our leadership team since 2011, assisting Mr. Mike in the karate kids and teens classes. She has observed the powerful impact of kenpo not only in regards to self-defense but in regards to focus, discipline, self-control, self-esteem, and confidence. Ms. Shelly has participated in various seminars at the studio increasing her knowledge and appreciation of martial arts. Professionally, Ms. Shelly possesses a bachelor’s degree from Florida Gulf Coast University. She has been a victim services provider and advocate for a local non-profit agency for over a decade. Beyond kenpo, enjoys paddleboarding, kayaking and photography. Originally from Canada, she moved to escape the frigid cold winters of the great white north and has treasured the Florida sunshine for over 20 years.

Mr. Aaron

Aaron was born in Michigan; yet, was raised in Ft Myers Florida. He comes to us after a long and distinguished military career having served 15 years on active duty. From 1990-1994 he served as a Torpedo man crew member aboard the USS Ohio (SSGN 726 Gold Crew).  After receiving his first honorable discharge he then served from 1995-2005 in the United States Marine Corps as a member of the world’s finest Infantry.  His career highlights were serving as a squad leader for the Kosovo Campaign with the 24 M.E.U. (1998), when he was promoted to Staff Sergeant while on Embassy Duty (US Department of State). Aaron, is very proud that he served as a member of the 1st Battalion 6th Marines Scout Sniper Platoon. Additionally, while serving as a Marine Security Guard during a time of war he was nominated and won the 2003 Delta Company Marine Security Guard of the year award.  Aaron, proudly served as the Platoon Sergeant for Bravo Company 1st Battalion 3rd Marines 1st Platoon during the 2004 Division attack on Fallujah, Iraq.  Aaron, is currently a proud husband, father of twin girls, and an amateur Blade smith.  He has been medically retired by the Veterans Administration for mental and physical injuries sustained in combat.  Aaron, is using Kenpo Karate to manage his combat related P.T.S.D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is writing a book that others will be able to use to learn how to manage P.T.S.D. by using Kenpo Karate to overcome and manage the daily stress of living with P.T.S.D.

Miss Angelina

Ms. Angelina assists in our Little Dragons classes. She happily stepped up to assist in the class that she was once a student. She worked her way through the karate kids program achieving her junior black belt. Her current rank is a first degree black belt. She is a true inspiration and outstanding role model.